Are we creating mindless schools?

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I am reading a book called “The Attention Revolution: Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind” by B. Alan Wallace. Wallace argues that many of us are suffering from a chronic inability to focus, to give one thing our undivided attention. He argues that the ability to focus our attention is something that needs to be explicitly learned, but is actually something we assume develops naturally. We are mistaken. What develops naturally, particularly in our chaotic lives (and our even more chaotic schools) is our ability to try and survive, multitask and think about as many things as possible! Wallace believes this is not only unhealthy, but ultimately means we can’t do anything well:

“We can’t study, listen, converse with others, work, play or even sleep well when our attention is impaired.”

There is a movement in schools to try and bring more mindfulness into the way things are done…

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