What does “good” look like?

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This is another powerful “mantra” that has emerged in my classroom this week.

Students need to know what they are aiming for, what mastery means and what quality is possible and achievable. In the absence of an endless supply of relevant exemplars (or even in the absence of a brain that can remember the sources of such exemplars… let’s be honest), and without wanting to model absolutely everything (as if we really are the best at everything!)… having this conversation with students on a regular basis is very powerful.It may take many different forms:

  • What good looks like may evolve and emerge during a lesson (like the examples below)
  • Students may have some examples already of what good looks like
  • You may be able to work out together what good looks like
  • You may have an example from a previous year (be wary of this… make sure it doesn’t look…

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